Yes, The Guys Are Back, From My Past Article About Their Upcoming Album "DOWN IV - THE PURPLE EP" Taken From The Picture Of Their Show With "Black Tusk". You Can Check The Other Article By Just Clicking The Archive Below Twitter Timeline And Following Account. Okay Let’s Just Cut To Real Shit Okay. "DOWN" In This New EP Album , Has Gotten More Quicker Said Down Frontman A.K.A Mr.Phil Anselmo (Superjoint Ritual, Arson Anthem, Pantera, Etc).I’m Going To Review All Songs. 6 Tracks Are Available In This Purple Album.

Here Are The Tracklist Including My Reviews About The Songs.

Down EP Tracklist:

01 Levitation :

Basicly As Start It’s Really Heavy In The Intro. Sounds Like Blasting Throught The Earphone For Some Reason. This Continue About Fifty Seconds And The Guitar Riffs Coming In Very Sharply Enginenized, And Then Come Along The Heavy Blasting Headbanging Riff, Overall Phil Anselmo Vocals In Here Are Little Bit Different But Still Sounds Like What He Used To Be. Pretty Awesome .

02 Witchtripper :

In This Second Track Is Really Fucking Catchy And Yet So Fucking Heavy Indeed. Having Those Specialized Vocals By Anselmo Is Really Fucking Good. The Bass Sound In This Song Is Really Fucking Raw, Yet The Guitar Sounds Is Furious, Heavy, And Fast. Still The Same Old Pepper Keennan Shreddin Style. 3 Minutes Of Heaviness That Lies In The Head.

03 Open Coffins :

Opening With Anselmo Voice. Same As Always Drum Patterns Are Little Bit Slowin Down. And The Guitar Still Joining Along With The Drum Patterns, But In This Song Their Getting A Lot Of Heavy Beats, But In The Middle Comes Of The Real Shit. It’s Really Fucking Heavy. The Drum And The Guitar Getting Collapsed , Faster, Heavier. Following With Anselmo Vocals. Just Very Interesting Thing To Heard.

04 The Curse Is A Lie :

I Dunno , But Somehow The Guitar Riffs In This Song Is Attached To Doomriders In The Intro. But Anyway. In This Track The Guys Are Getting Slow. And Heavy Follows, Some Guitar Parts Shows Blues Shreddin Time But In The End , Heavy Stoner Riffs Just Comes Anyway Closing The Entry.  In The Middle The Song Just Go Erupted.

05 This Work Is Timeless

Hard Heavy Stoner Beat In The Intro, Follows About 2 Times Comes Up With Phil Anselmo Sounds in. In This Song Somehow It’s Kinda Familiar With Down : Over The Under Album, “3 Suns 1 Star”. But Still It’s Fresh New And Very Good. In The Middle The Song Goes Slow And Comes In With Solo Guitars And Continue With Weird Sounds. And Then Comes Back With The Hard Heavy Stoner Riff Like In The Intro.

06 Misfortune Teller

Goes Fast, Got Slow. Same Like What Anselmo Says. Some Stoner Riffs In The Intro Intruigingly Fast And Then In The Middle Get Slow. And Heavy. 9 Minutes Of Down Guitar Riffs. It’s Like You’ve Dreaded The Graveyard Of The Dead. Very Heavy Fast. Very Heavy Slow. It Has Both Of It , And It Always Will Be. Nicely Done By Down.

 Here’s A Exclusive Stream of Their New Album From Billboard Magazine. Stream It For Free Guys, Hear The Songs Before Their Release Next Week, Enjoy Guys

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